Building Blocks

Following Public Construction Projects in Atchison, Kansas

Grant $

The table below summarizes the various grants the City has received for projects that are either currently under construction or have yet to begin construction in January of 2017. As a general rule, the City works to pursue any and all grants that fit within the adopted goals of the City Commission. The City Commission also authorizes state and federal government grant applications prior to submittal.

Project Grant Source Grant $
South Atchison Trail Walters Morgan / Live Well, Live Atchison $15,000
South Atchison Trail Sunflower Foundation 2016 $55,000
South Atchison Trail Transportation Alternatives 2014 $1,170,000
General CIP Contribution Westar Energy $25,000
Downtown West Sidewalks CDBG 2016 $169,000
800 Commercial Streetscape Transportation Alternatives 2016 $850,000
US-73 Resurfacing KDOT Connecting Links 2017 (KLINK) $300,000
US-73 Underdrain KDOT Geometric Improvement 2016 (GI) $1,000,000
AMS West Sidewalks CDBG 2017 $250,000
Riverfront Trail Extension Recreational Trails 2017 $250,000
Main Street Right of Way Improvements (10th to 12th) KDOT Access Management 2017 $550,000
South Atchison Trail Connection to Santa Fe Depot Live Well Live Atchison / Pathways Grant $25,000
AE Airport Fuel Tank Upgrade & Relocation Kansas Airport Improvement Program $208,000
2nd Street Corridor Project Transportation Alternatives 2017 $525,000
AMS Safe Routes to Schools: South 5th Street Safe Routes to Schools (TA 2017) $400,000
Total: $5,792,000
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